Consultation request form

If you are seeking an individual consultation with HIV Center investigators regarding the development of new research grant proposals or implementing funded studies, please use our Consultation Request Form.

  • The Ethics and Policy working group is available for consultations in developing research and ensuring equity and sustainability of work with vulnerable populations. If you would like a consultation with a member of this working group, please detail your need in the request form above.

  • For implementation science-related consultations, please use the ISHO Core Consultation Form



The Implementation Science for Population Health Toolkit, developed by the CUNY Institute for Implementation Science in Population Health (ISPH), is designed as an introduction for researchers and implementers who are interested in understanding implementation science in the context of population health, how to apply and integrate implementation science theories and methods into research projects, and how to align them with other familiar approaches to research and evaluation.


The Center for Health Economics of Treatment Interventions for Substance Use Disorder, HCV, and HIV (CHERISH) is a multi-institutional Center of Excellence. Their consultation service provides guidance to researchers on the design and implementation of observational and interventional studies related to treatment interventions for substance use disorder, HCV, and HIV, to ensure that planned economic analyses are methodologically sound and feasible.

Please contact Stephen Sukumaran regarding any issues or concerns.