Intervention Science Core

The Intervention Science Core has the following three goals:

  1. Promoting the use of intervention science in conceptualizing, developing, and evaluating behavioral and combination behavioral-biomedical interventions through the full spectrum of pre-intervention, efficacy, and effectiveness research.
  2. Supporting and advising on the use of integrated mixed-methods approaches for pre-intervention/ determinants research, formative studies, intervention trials, and measurement.
  3. Increasing capacity for use of biomarkers through a Biomarkers Resource and an HIV Center Biorepository for specimen collection, processing, storage, and access for future studies.


Core Director: 

Laurie Bauman, PhD

Core Co-Directors:

Betsy Herold, MD 
Susan Tross, PhD

Core Investigators:

Iván C. Balán, PhD
Micheline Blum, MA
Walter Bockting, PhD
Katherine Elkington, PhD
Theresa Exner, PhD
Matthew Feldman, PhD, MSW
Jennifer S. Hirsch, PhD
Joanne E. Mantell, PhD
Lisa Metsch, PhD
Judith Godwin Rabkin, PhD, MPH
Milton Wainberg, MD

Core Affiliates:

Salim Abdool-Karim, MD, PhD
Yvette Calderon, MD
Serge Cremers, PhD
Rebecca Madan, MD
Nabila El-Bassel, DSW
Marya Gwadz, PhD
Rebecca Madan, MD
Kenneth Mayer, MD
Fred Ssewamala, PhD, MSW