Martina Pavlicova, PhD

Director, Statistics, Assessment, and Data Management Core of the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies
Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Columbia University Medical Center


Martina Pavlicova, PhD is an Associate Professor at Columbia University. Her research interests include spatial statistics, statistical issues when analyzing functional magnetic resonance imaging, multiple comparison problems, clinical trials, generalized longitudal mixed effect statistical models, zero-inflated models, analysis of categorical data. She is also interested in new methods of teaching statistics and biostatistics and developing new teaching approaches for non-statistics master and Ph.D students. Currently, Dr. Pavlicova serves as senior biostatistican on several clinical trials in psychiatry, and Director of the HIV Center's StAD core. 

She is member of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping and of the American Statistical Association where she is currently serving as Council of Section Representative for Statistics in Epidemiology.

In 2010, Martina has been selected as a Fellow of Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy and at the same year was awarded an inaugural Early Career Teaching Award for her consistently high ratings and students accolades. In 2012, she has been granted membership in ASPH/Pfizer Public Health Academy of Distinguished Teachers.


Charles University, Czech Republic
MS – 1995

Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
MS - 1999

Ohio State University, Ohio, USA
PhD -  2004