Statistics Epidemiology and Data Management Core

The Statistics Epidemiology and Data Management has the following two goals:

  1. Promoting both classic and innovative research design and statistical analysis strategies that emphasize:
    • Trial designs that incorporate modern early-phase research methods;
    • Combination of biological endpoints and behavioral outcomes in HIV prevention and treatment trials; and
    • Inclusion of health services research and cost-effectiveness and other comparative effectiveness methods that advance HIV-related implementation science.
  2. Ensuring efficient and secure data management and integrity by providing state-of-the-art management systems. 


Core Director: 

Bruce Levin, PhD

Core Co-Director:

Howard Andrews, PhD 

Core Investigators:

Sarah Braunstein, PhD, MPH
Curtis Dolezal, PhD
Susie Hoffman, DrPH
Mary Irvine, DrPH
Cheng-Shiun Leu, PhD
Denis Nash, PhD
Bruce Schackman, PhD
James Tesoriero, PhD
Melanie Wall, PhD

Core Affiliates:

Haomiao Jia, PhD
Bruce Rapkin, PhD
Zena A. Stein, MB, BCh