Crucial infrastructure for the work of the HIV Center is provided by five Cores:
The Administrative Core provides multidisciplinary leadership for scientific rigor, strategic planning, programmatic evaluation/oversight, and sound fiscal management. It is directed by Robert H. Remien, PhD, who is also Principal Investigator and Director of the HIV Center.
The Development Core effects internal peer review and quality assurance through weekly Cross-Core Meetings, support development of high-impact multi-disciplinary research through funds for pilot studies, and foster capacity-building activities for Early Stage Investigators. It is led by Theo Sandfort, PhD, and co-directed by Patrick Wilson, PhD

The Bio-behavioral Core provides expertise through a syndemics lens to bring biomedical researchers and providers together with behavioral and social science investigators to ensure that biomedical technologies are acceptable and accessible and, conversely, that behavioral and social science research addresses and incorporates key biomedical developments. The Bio-Behavioral Core is directed by social scientist, Laurie Bauman, PhD, and Michael Yin, MD.
The Statistics, Assessment and Data Management (StAD) Core provides expertise in cutting-edge statistical analysis; use of qualitative, quantitative, mixed-method, and digital strategies for observational, intervention, and implementation science research; and rigorous data collection, management, and harmonization.  It is under the leadership of Martina Pavlicova, PhD, and Susan Tross, PhD

The Implementation Science and Health Outcomes (ISHO) Core  stimulates and supports rigorous implementation science and policy research for timely and sustained achievement of key outcomes along the HIV prevention and care continua.  Attention to outcome disparities mediated by mental illness, substance use, other comorbidities, and social determinants of health will maximize access and efficacy for the most vulnerable groups. Core leadership brings expertise in implementation science (Director, Denis Nash, PhD), health systems and operations research, and health policy and ethics (Co-Director, Milton Wainberg, MD).