HIV Center Leadership


Robert H. Remien, PhD


Claude Ann Mellins, PhD
Gina Wingood, ScD, MPH

Co-Director Emerita: 

Zena A. Stein, MB, Bch

Associate Directors:

Masud Rahman, MS, MBA

Division of Gender, Sexuality, & Health:

Director: Anke A. Ehrhardt, PhD

From left to right: Robert H. Remien, Anke A. Ehrhardt, Claude-Ann Mellins and Alex Carballo-Dieguez. (Photo by Eve Vagg)

HIV Center Core Leaders

Development Core: 

Director: Theo Sandfort, PhD
Co-Director: Patrick Wilson, PhD

Biobehavioral Core:

Director: Laurie Bauman, PhD
Co-Directors: Michael Yin, MD

Implementation Science and Health Outcomes Core:

Director: Denis Nash, PhD
Co-Director: Milton Wainberg, MD

Statistics, Assessment, and Data Management Core:

Director: Martina Pavlicova, PhD
Co-Director: Susan Tross, PhD

Administrative Staff

Adrienne Braithwaite

Cindy Combs

John Diaz

Mieko Hobara

Arthur Fairweather

Patricia Connolly

Mieko Hobara

Arthur Fairweather

Patricia Connolly

Hilda Mitjans