IeDEA-CA: Central Africa International Epidemiologic Database to Evaluate AIDS


Adebola Ademeiji PhD, MPH, MsC, MBA
Phuilip Castle PhD, MPH
Mark Kuniholm, PhD, MS
Don Hoover, PhD, MPH
Stephany Duda PhD, MS  
Batya Elul, PhD, MsC
April Kimmel, PhD, MS
Qiuhu Shi, PhD, MS
Marcel Yotebieng, MD, MPH, PhD
Eugene Mutimura, MsC, PhD
Anastase Dzudie, MD, PhD
Jean d’amour Sinayobye, MD, MsC
Heidi Jones, PhD, MPH
Elizabeth Kelvin, PhD, MPH
Theodore Niyongabo, MD
Cristella Twizere, MD

Funding Agency:

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Collaborating Institution: 

Centre National de Reference en Matière de VIH/SIDA (Burundi);
Kinshasa School of Public Health and Kalembelembe Pediatric Hospital (DRC)
Centre de Traitement Ambulatoire de Pointe Noire
Centre de Traitement Ambulatoire de Brazzaville (Republic of Congo)
Research for Development International (Cameroon)
Rwanda Military Hospital
Data Solutions LLC
Vanderbilt University
Columbia University
Ohio State University
Virginia Commonwealth University

Study Location:

Burundi, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Rwanda


The IeDEA-CA network includes 15 partners in Burundi, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Rwanda, who are utilizing implementation science to identify effective strategies for optimizing HIV care outcomes, including timely diagnosis and care enrollment, care retention, ART initiation and viral suppression.  IeDEA-CA partners are also conducting clinical epidemiologic investigations of co-morbidities of aging among HIV+ persons and they are engaged in translational work to explore extreme clinical phenotypes of HIV infection, such as elite suppressors, long-term non-progressors, and poor responders to ART.  IeDEA-CA also leads and contributes to multi-regional IeDEA projects,and maintains updated population-based data from various sources for use in examining contextual determinants of HIV outcomes