Founded in 1989, the HIV Center's T32 postdoctoral fellowship program on Behavioral Sciences Research in HIV Infection (PI: Theo Sandfort, PhD) provides innovative postdoctoral training in sexuality, gender, and mental health research as applied to HIV prevention science. To date, 73 Fellows have completed the program; over three-quarters are in academic positions and more than 80% work in HIV-related fields.

The fellows are also exceptionally diverse and include clinical psychologists, medical doctors, anthropologists, social workers, social psychologists, and public health professionals.

Below is a list of former Fellows since 2000 with links to their current professional positions, where available:

David Knapp Whittier
Miguel Muñoz-Laboy
Linwood Lewis
Kimberly Hearn
Rita Melendez
Eric Cerwonka
Ouzama Nicholson
Shari Dworkin
Brian Dodge
Rogério Pinto
Michael Stirratt
Wadiya Udell
Peter Lin
Sharlene Beckford
Stephanie Marhefka
Mark Bradley
Jenny Higgins
José Bauermeister
Kate Elkington
Isidore Udoh
Tonya Taylor
Pamela Valera
Huso Yi
Rahwa Haile
Devaki Nambiar
Reuben N. Robbins 
Lisa Chin
Eric Houston
Tawandra Rowell-Cunsolo
Tsitsi Masvawure
William Brown III, DrPH, PhD
Zoe Edelstein, PhD
Anya Spector, PhD, MSW
Shenell Evans, PhD
Omar Martinez, JD, MPH
Chukwuemeka Anyamele, MD, MPH
Jorge Soler, PhD, MPH